Church Notices

You can find and download the notes for the Lent Course on 20th... >
On 14th February - which was both Valentine's day and Ash Wednesday - a... >
Can you come to the Bishop's Bible day on Saturday, 3rd March?  It's a... >
We are delighted to be welcoming Katrina Hutchins to celebrate the... >
We were delighted to share our Candlemas service with our sisters and... >
For those who were at church on Sunday 21st, you'll know we had a go at... >
Sometimes we have to say goodbye to people who have been with us for a... >

Diocesan Safeguarding newsletter 2018 is available here 

We now have a St Benedict's Facebook group - members of our... >
We are delighted to announce the beginning of a new group for young... >
Meet us at St Benedict's     If you haven't looked at the website... >