Church Notices

We give thanks for the life of Barbara Dunn who very sadly died in... >
One of the joys of belonging to the church is the shared celebrations... >
 On Easter Eve we lit the Easter Candle for 2018 from a live fire in a... >
On Good Friday, we joined our brothers and sisters  from the Abbey... >
      Our Youth@StBs group have made us a beautiful prayer tree; and... >
It was absolutely fantastic to see Katrina at our altar celebrating the... >
Sometimes we have to say goodbye to people who have been with us for a... >

Diocesan Safeguarding newsletter 2018 is available here 

We now have a St Benedict's Facebook group - members of our... >
We are delighted to announce the beginning of a new group for young... >
Meet us at St Benedict's     If you haven't looked at the website... >